When is the Best Time to Fly to Hawaii for the Cheapest Price?

Are you looking for the best time to fly to Hawaii for the cheapest price? January is typically the cheapest month to fly from the United States. However, many consider it more cost-effective to travel to Hawaii in January, February, April, and September to November. During the holidays and the busiest months of June and December, you're much more likely to find higher prices, so it might be worth avoiding these dates. June and July are considered to be the months with the highest influx of tourists to Hawaii and are the busiest months of the year, with a record number of visitors coming to the islands during these months.

If you have the flexibility to travel at certain times of the year, you might be able to save at least a little money on airfare and possibly some of your other expenses as well, making your trip to Hawaii a little more affordable. We always recommend booking your flights at least three to six months before your trip, especially if travel dates are flexible. The CDC no longer requires passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to submit a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation showing that they are recovering from COVID-19 before boarding their flight. Alaska Airlines, Delta and Virgin Atlantic have not charged fees for changes and cancellations on flights to Hawaii. An average nonstop flight from the United States to Hawaii takes 7h 44m and covers a distance of 3343 miles. If your ultimate goal is to get the cheapest possible flight to Hawaii, you might not worry too much about the best time to visit Hawaii—after all, it's Hawaii.

Kauai and Molokai also have airports, but travelers from the United States must first travel to Honolulu (on Oahu) and then take an inter-island flight to their final destination. With KAYAK you can also compare airline ticket prices for last minute flights to anywhere in Hawaii from anywhere in the United States. Or schedule your visit to coincide with the whale watching season, which peaks from January to March. The last half of the year, with the exception of September, is usually the most expensive time to stay, while you're more likely to find accommodation deals from January to May.

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